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My Name is Don Statham and this is my garden blog. (Seasonal Photos of Don’s Garden)

I am mad about plants, some might say obsessive! One of the points of this blog is to connect with other passionate gardeners who also like to talk about plants, garden design, garden writing and all things horticultural.

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Plowed Snow Damages Plants

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Winter is hard enough on plants with all the freezing and thawing, and subzero weather, but we also have to make sure, when we design a garden, that our plants will be out of the way of the snow plow. … Continue reading

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Winter – A Time to See Garden’s Architecture

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Those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, experience a winter season pared to its bare essentials. And it is by no means all bad news. In this reduced landscape you have the advantage of seeing your garden with … Continue reading

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Late November

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A fellow blogger suggested that if you become burned out from writing, the best thing is to take a break. Hence my long absence from this blog. I have not been idle though. I have put a garden to bed … Continue reading

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Conversation among the Plants

When plant combinations work it is because they enhance one another. I like to think of these sometimes planned, sometimes serendipitous events as conversations between the plants involved. Repeating the same plant like Malus ‘Donald Wyman’ in my Moon garden with a second tree 70 feet away on the bank of the pond, means that after a long winter the two trees speak across the cold air one beautiful white and pink blossomed canopy to another. Then in fall when the crabapples turn bright red they bond again and your eye is naturally pulled back and forth by the dramatic fruit display.

Other combinations of plants that are dialoguing right now are the shrub Potentilla ‘Primrose beauty’ its soft yellow blooms whisper tenderly to the perennial Kirgengeshoma ‘palmate’ who’s beautiful pale yellow flowers nods in appreciation. A fluke planting, I love seeing these plants making the most of each other. The third shrub Sumac ‘Tiger eyes’ joins in on the conversation with its bright glowing chartreuse leaves.
When combinations of plants work well I make a note of it for future design projects so my clients and I can enjoy similarly harmonious discussions.

Potentilla 'Primrose beauty' with Kirgengeshoma palmate

Potentilla ‘Primrose beauty’ with Kirgengeshoma palmate

Kirgengeshoma palmate in the big leaf garden with Potentilla 'Primrose Beauty'

Kirgengeshoma palmate in the big leaf garden with
Potentilla ‘Primrose Beauty’

Sumac 'Tiger Eyes" joins in on the conversation.

Sumac ‘Tiger Eyes” joins in on the conversation.

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New Parking area- ‘before and after’

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For years the too small parking area next to the house has been problematic. Regardless of age our friends, you know who you are, crushed my flowering plants along the edge and had to make ten point turns in order … Continue reading

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The New Perennial Movement

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photography by Iwan Baan and James Golden I began working as a garden designer in New York City in the 1990s when there was a craze for ornamental grasses that I soon discovered was a valuable plant for difficult sites. … Continue reading

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Alpine Plants and Hypertufa Pots.

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I recently made a trip to NYC to meet with a client and along the way visited several gardens: Stonecrop in Cold Spring, NY belonged to Frank Cabot, the founder of the Garden Conservancy and his first garden,) Wave Hill … Continue reading

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