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Tomato Sauce -Canning

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Equipment needed: 1 large canning pot- 18 quarts or larger, 2nd large pot (for blanching tomatoes) Good Paring knife Numerous bowls to hold blanched tomatoes. 12-16 quart canning jars with lids. Canning funnel Canning jar lifter Colander and sieve  Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Extending the Vegetable Plot

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I have not felt like blogging all week. It’s been a very unsettling week  starting with the London riots and then the global stock market crash. The Republicans keep threatening to get rid of Medicare and Social Security. I am … Continue reading

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Harvesting Garlic

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It’s late July, and we are pulling the garlic. A good friend of mine who lives near Stoneridge, NY., got the garlic bug a few years ago, and planted several acres of it. She cured her garlic by braiding it … Continue reading

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