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About Kaatskill Articles

Kaatskill Life is a quarterly publication that covers the Catskill region of New York.

After taking several writing courses in NYC at The New School, and 92nd St Y,  I submitted my first essay “Considering Winter” to the magazine.  The editor, Nina A. M. Lawford- Juviler, asked me if I would like to write the column”Kaatskill Gardening,” and so I  began writing for Kaatskill Life in 2005.  I have found that writing the column  has allowed me to go much deeper into a subject and given me a place to explore my ideas and observations  that come  from making my own garden.

As I explore different garden themes on this blog, I will post those relevant Kaatskill articles for a more in depth coverage of a topic.

Don Statham

2 Responses to Kaatskill Articles

  1. tom courtenay-clack says:

    Your garden was our favorite on the WKC garden tour. It is well designed without being too fussy or out of place. The pond looked so charming and inviting on such a hot summer’s day, the moon garden is lovely and did not looked parched after the heatwave. There are many charming corners in your vision of “rooms”. Thank you for being so generous to share your knowledge of Catskill gardening and for being an inspiration to others.
    Tom & Clara Courtenay-Clack

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