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My Name is Don Statham and this is my garden blog. (Seasonal Photos of Don’s Garden)

I am mad about plants, some might say obsessive! One of the points of this blog is to connect with other passionate gardeners who also like to talk about plants, garden design, garden writing and all things horticultural.

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One Plant, One Bird

One Plant, One Bird.

Pickerelweed & American Bittern.

I have only seen an American Bittern maybe three times in the last twenty three years, here at Totem Farm. The first time it flew into a large Japanese honeysuckle bush and I heard it strange call for a couple of days. An extremely shy bird, eventually after hiding in the shrub for two days it took up residence at the pond’s edge and the sound of frogs diminished as the bird made its way around the pond. Pickerelweed  is one of my favorite native aquatic plants. I was given about five plants four years ago and in no time the Plant has become established and is now growing around the edge of the pond. It blooms mid summer and then again in early fall.

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One Plant, One Bird:  is a new series I just started. My goal is to be able to identify the birds in my garden by their song. There are also lots of wildflowers I can never remember. By making a short video of just one of each I thought I might be able to start to remember the things around me when I am in the garden. I’ll be posting on YouTube. Let me know what you think.


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