Cast of Characters

Don & Otto- Otto putting poodle-pressure for his serving of peach ice cream!

My Darling- does not like to be photographed.

Otto- Male standard poodle - a rescue- knows he's goodlooking & milks it!

Ruby- female standard poodle- the hunter in the family!

American Bittern- shows up every summer to eat frogs around the pond!

2 Responses to Cast of Characters

  1. Luca d'Avanzo says:

    I hope Ruby is being friendly to the bird…Once Bittern twice shy

    • Don Statham says:

      Hey Luca-
      if only that was the case! The drive to chase anything moving is her strongest drive. She has been skunked, porcupined, and bitten by many a hedge hog! Maybe you could sort her out your next visit!

      Best Don

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