English Delphiniums

English Delphiniums  in the Moon Garden

English Delphiniums in the Moon Garden

Every year, I patiently wait to see if my English Delphiniums will bloom before the rain and wind knocks them to the ground. After many years of being disappointed, I finally had the idea to plant them behind a hedge to buffer the storms. They still have to be staked and tied!  I prefer the large English Delphiniums to our native Northwestern Pacific ones. They are about double the width and height. I actually prefer them right before the flower to the full blown flower.

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  1. Deb says:

    Don … my favorite part of caring for my yard and gardens is when I have one of those ‘I finally had an idea’ moments. For me, those moments of creative energy are moments of shear delight! My efforts are very simple … humble … often not successful … but I love being somewhat of a kindred spirit to you and other plant lovers.

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