Sweet Peas- the aristocrat of flowers

Sweet peas are the aristocrat of flowers. And like most aristocrats, they need to be pampered. My wife, who is Scottish, is the one in our family who grows them. Although I have very little to do with growing them, I do get to enjoy their heavenly scent that fills the house. Having had several hits and misses growing them, my wife,  got serious about 2 years ago, and dug a deep trench about 2’feet deep by 3’ feet  wide by 7’ feet long. She removed the clay soil and replaced it with composted rich humus soil. I often assist in making the different structures for the peas to grow on and I think chicken wire stretched on bamboo canes has been the most successful and the least effort. Initially it’s not too pretty, but soon the peas climb up the thin wire and in no time they cover the structure. Sweet peas love water, so be sure to give them what they want.

Peas like a cold start.  The trick is to get the seeds in the ground just as the last of the snow is melting. Soak the peas for 24 hours in water and plant as early as you can.  By planting early you are also catching the snow melt and the rainy season and that will help them off to a good start! Last year, she planted her seeds around the end of March- early April for our location. Mulching the sweet pea bed is a good idea because you don’t want the bed to dry out.

Once they start flowering be sure to keep cutting the flowers because the more you cut them, the more they produce.

Sweet Peas grown on chciken wire and bamboo stakes

Sweet Peas make one of the best cut flowers

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