Spring bulbs

My friend Per was asking me about bulbs. It’s time to order and plant spring bulbs. This autumn I am going to plant a carpet of small blue flowering bulbs (5-7″inches) in my new plum orchard. I have ordered several hundred Scilla -commonly known as Wood Squill.  They are deer & rodent -resistant and naturalize readily in areas of dappled shade and filtered sunlight.  I am also planning to plant Grape hyacinth- Muscari which flower a few weeks later than the Scilla. Muscari is also a deer resistant bulb and will naturalize. By combining these two different bulbs I will extend the flowering period by about 3-4 weeks. Bulbs that naturalize increase over the years and will spread to nearby places in your garden.  My first bulb project at Totem Farm was planting several hundred daffodils over a two year period. For a more in depth article please read: Dancing with the Daffodils

Below are just a few of the of the bulbs I have planted in my garden. There are hundreds of variety of bulbs to fit into any planting scheme.

Tulip Queen of the Night

Spring Green tulips & alchemilla mollis

Allium- white with Salix Integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’

Eremus Himalaicus

Hillside of daffodils

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