Pear Tarte Tartin and Ginger Cream

Nothing says fall like apples and pears- and what a bumper crop we have this year!

Each autumn, I love to make this no- fuss French tarte. The pastry does not have to look perfect which I love, but the main thing is the flavor. The caramelized sugar with pears or apples over a buttery pastry is sublime.

I was cooking a curry last night and decided to coordinate the desert with the meal so I added fresh and crystallized ginger to the whipping cream and I think the ginger flavored cream went well with the tarte. For recipe click here:

Start with fresh firm pears or apples

add 3/4 cup of sugar to 10″ skillet and turn heat on low

heat sugar until it caramelizes and turns a nice light amber color

add peeled, cored pears cut-side up to caramelized sugar, sprinkle 4 tab. of butter over top

place prepared pastry over fruit and bake

Finished Pear Tarte Tartin

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3 Responses to Pear Tarte Tartin and Ginger Cream

  1. Deirdre Larkin says:

    How beautiful! And delicious too, I’m sure. I don’t know my pears all that well—what kind are those? It’s always hard to find perfectly ripe pears of any kind. I don’t seem to see many pear trees in Delaware County. Do you know of any suitable varieties?


    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Deirdre,
      Well I planted a Kieffer Pear which I bought locally and the tree has grown by leaps & bounds, but my crop is still relatively small – maybe 10 pears this year. But it is one hardy pear tree. The pears in the photos are local pears from Good Cheap Food.
      Our friend Martha has an old pear tree and has hundreds of delicious citrusy tasting pears. So definitely worth it to plant a tree or two. Just checked the Pear list at St. Lawrence Nursery and they have over 20 varieties of hardy pears!
      Might want to add a few pears to make Hard Pear Cider!
      Best, Don

  2. Deb says:

    Looks delicious, Don. Can’t wait to try making one myself!

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