Autumn Texture and Pattern

I have noticed as I age, that there is more texture in my graying hair. Eyebrows that laid flat for 50 years, now sprout of my face like a certain Russian dictator. The smooth olive skin of my youth now looks like an apple with some sort of incurable blight.  Let’s face it, it’s never going to be summer again. The garden is past it too, and at this stage of decay, at one of it’s most textural seasons.

Here’s to texture and pattern, and in the garden at least, summer, next year.

Dave Turan came around to take the last of the seasons shots and though he said he wasn’t as happy with the results – I am thrilled with them. He caught the most beautiful textures and saturated color, in the midst of so much change. Thanks Dave.

Grasses at ponds edge

Pears and Limelight hydrangeas

Pears and Limelight hydrangeas

Detail of Limelight hydrangea

Detail of Limelight hydrangea

Limelight hydrangea turned to dusty pink

Limelight hydrangea turned to dusty pink

Sumac Tiger Eyes final stage

Sumac Tiger Eyes
final stage

Joe Pye Weed, texture in the garden

Joe Pye Weed, texture in the garden

Otto inspecting his kingdom

Otto inspecting his kingdom

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7 Responses to Autumn Texture and Pattern

  1. James Golden says:

    My favorite garden season. I suppose some of its appeal comes from a kind objectification of feelings about aging and death, a projection of those personal fears or concerns onto a nature of transient brightening colors and observable decay that we can more easily see as beauty than we can our own.

  2. Annette says:

    Hi Don, you made me smile with your introduction but who wants perfection? Lots more charme in the imperfect! Your garden is so beautiful. I love the colours and texture. So important to plan for autumn as it helps us to make the move into winter on a cheerful note. The sumac is very pretty – I have a weak spot for them in spite of their suckering habit. Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. Holly B.K. says:

    Different sort of beauty for sure! I adore fall and the colors, the clear cool air… Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

  4. Mel Bellar says:

    Hey Don, I really identify with this post and I think the photos are beautiful as well. Fall is by far my favorite time for my garden. I love it when I can cut back a lot of the things that look crappy and see more of the structure and texture of what I leave. Of course, I kind of focus on the garden being interesting in the fall and winter. I always wish that some of the garden tours took place in May or October because it is so nice to see the bones without so much going on. Anyway another thing about fall is that it means that nature is going to FORCE me to change modes and do something else which I LOVE. I feel like I can’t really rest until we have snow cover or the ground is frozen. Your garden is beautiful in the fall! I love the blog and decided it was high time that I comment and let you know.

    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Mel, Thanks for your kind words. I have come to appreciate fall more each year. I also have purposely planted more shrubs and trees that have beautiful fall color. I too look forward to a rest from gardening and turn to other interests. Best Don

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