Franklin Garden Club Lecture Series

Franklin Garden Lecture Seriesflowers

Great Dixter spring display, photograph by Diana Hall

The Franklin Garden Club invites you to attend garden talks on Saturday afternoons, followed by light refreshments.  Join us at the Franklin Railroad & Community Museum at 3 pm for:


Feb 22

Don Statham

The New Perennial Movement

March 8

Kathy Purdy

Colchicums:  Autumn’s Best-Kept Secret

March 22

Sondra Freckelton

Art and Garden Design

April 12

Diana Hall

Inspiration in the spring gardens of England and France

April 26

Deirdre Larkin

Herbs into Weeds:  Medieval Medicinals Naturalized in New York State

May 17

Steve Whitesell

Bulbs for the Longest Bloom Season

May 31

Mel Bellar

Fall and Winter Interest in the Garden

Franklin Railroad & Community Museum, 572 Main St, Franklin, NY.

Saturdays, 3 to 5 pm.  Donations gratefully accepted.

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8 Responses to Franklin Garden Club Lecture Series

  1. Kackie Dunwoody says:

    This looks like a very inspirational series of talks. Will there be a synopsis for those of us who cannot attend? I shall definitely let my daughter know about this and maybe she can get away for a few hours. I don’t know how you all are making it this cold cold winter!!…lots of ideas must be brewing for the spring.

  2. Deborah Banks says:

    Thanks for posting this, Don. I can hardly wait!

  3. Kathy Purdy says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Don Statham says:

    Hi Kackie, we have some very interesting topics for this year’s lecture series. 5 of the speakers are professionals within their particular area of the gardening world and will bring a level of knowledge and expertise to the talks. Sondra Freckelton is a professional painter and I enjoyed her talk last year on how gardening influenced her painting and how painting influenced her gardening. And I am looking forward to Diana Hall’s talk where its always nice to see photos of famous gardens. It’s been a brutal winter, but the light has changed and there is that promise of spring. Best, Don

  5. Deborah Banks says:

    Don and Kathy, sounds like a field trip to me!

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