Spring Projects 2018.

Spring is the season of the big clean-up after winter. Weeks are spent cutting back perennials, dividing, transplanting plants, moving plants, shaping shrubs, edging paths, and weeding, Once the initial cleanup is done, I usually begin a few new garden projects which always puts me behind with the weeding. This year was no different. Below are a few of the new additions to the garden.

I have been admiring a bench on Pinterest and decided to copy it. The two benches are for a transition area that is just down from the pond and leads to a new shade garden behind the house. A landscaping friend put me in touch with a local sawmill and I was able to get these rough milled hemlock timbers which are 6’ x 8”x8” costing me $50.00 a bench. My wife helped me with the fine chiseling of the notches that fit the seat timbers into the legs. I like the simple design for its practicalness and it’s sculptural look. They will just get better with time and will eventually turn grey.

The other project we tacticled was the path that leads from the parking area to the front door. It was made of irregular fieldstones which over the years had heaved from frost and had become very treacherous to walk on. I have a pile of large bluestone treads from a fallen down staircase and decided to use some of them to make the new path.  We added some small stones between the large slabs as a decorative element. There are other hardscape projects I have planned but I am not sure they will get done this year.


Hemlock benches in new transition area.


hemlock benches at the bottom of long perennial border.


New bluestone path with Climbing hydrangea.

One of the spring projects was re laying a new bluestone path.

Planting near door.


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7 Responses to Spring Projects 2018.

  1. Carla W Cherry says:

    Love those benches!! Your landscaping is so beautiful!!

  2. Don, the benches are fabulous! I may copy your copy…

    I also like the small decorative pebbles between the bluestone slabs. Very nice work. Congratulations.

  3. Yes, as soon as you get involved with a project, the weeding suffers. Love the benches and the new walk. Glad to see you writing here again.

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