Donald Statham
Don Statham Design
581 Rathbun Hill Rd
East Meredith, NY 13757
347 528 4569


12 Responses to Contact

  1. Debra Patrick says:

    Don, you have so much talent . This is wonderful! Love your pictures.

  2. Debra Patrick says:

    I really need to come see this for my self. It looks so heavenly!

  3. Karen Mazarak says:

    Hi Don,

    I so enjoy reading and enjoying your blog and photos a couple times a week- you write beautifully and your love of what you do really shows in your words and pictures. And of course I love to see the doggies in there as well!

    • Don Statham says:

      Thanks Karen. Let me know if there are any garden subjects or plant info you would like to know more about.

      Best, Don

      • Deanna Owens says:

        Blue Flax is wonderfully blue, and forget me nots blooming right now. . I also have amsonia, blooming now, and lithadora. I also have a passion for blue flowers. There are some beautiful blue delphiniums as well which bloom all summer. I am in Pennsylvania…zone 5

  4. Phyllis Galowitz says:

    Beautiful photographs! Good ideas! Your website was recommended to me by Judy Garrison.


  5. jan green says:

    This is where I have my morning coffee–I am sooooo grateful for this site.I have a few questions a little timid,we are hoping for the moon garden jan

  6. pat giebutowski says:

    just stumbled onto your wonderful blog and checked out the book recommendations among other things. have you looked at the website of arne maynard? found out about him from “gardens illustrated.”

    pat from new hampshire

    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Pat,
      Welcome to Rooting For Ideas. I just checked out Arne’s site and yes I recognize many of his beautiful gardens from Gardens Illustrated. I am thinking while it’s still early spring I should do a post about some of the better garden designers working today and post their sites. Many thanks Don

  7. Lisa says:

    Hello Just discovered your essay on the Chinese Scholar Garden in Sung Harbor
    Beautifully written and the photos are nice. I really wanted to forward the whole page to my friend but I dont use facebook or reddit or whatever always like when there is an email option. Thank you for your story!

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