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Seasonal shots of Don’s garden

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A friend asked me to make a separate area on the blog to just look at photos of my garden. So here it is.

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The Hot Border- July

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If you are starting to consider planting cactus in your garden my sympathies are with you. We are in a drought- the most serious one I, or others who have lived here much longer than my 16 years, can recall … Continue reading

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Let It Grow! The Value of Meadows

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Meadow — “Land covered with grass, or a grassy field, or other discernible area of grassland either mown for hay or used as pasture is known as a meadow….in general a healthy meadow has fifty percent of its surface in … Continue reading

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The Value of Green in the Flowering Border- Design

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Some designers /gardeners are jamming lots of interesting textures into a flowering border but in many instances they are over doing it in my humble opinion! Plant breeders have gone overboard too; making every plant variegated with crazy combinations of … Continue reading

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Garden Design- late June

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Gertrude Jekyll- (rhymes with treacle) liked to think of her gardens as ‘making pictures.’ Trained in the visual arts and part of the arts and craft movement in England, she viewed garden design as a disciplined visual language.  When I … Continue reading

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Stone Works

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My house is built into a slope and I have very few flat areas in the garden. I recently designed, and at this very moment I am having built, a patio at the back of our house just off the … Continue reading

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Patterned Meadows

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Last year I began turning large areas of what had been mowed lawn into architectural patterned meadow. Let me explain. My new approach to mowing is to stop mowing as much as possible.  To this end I planted a small … Continue reading

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