WK Garden Tour

There were  125 people who registered for the 20th Annual West Kortwright Garden Tour and it certainly felt like we had that many visitors. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many passionate gardeners who are also gardening here in the Catskills.   I am beginning to feel there is a real community of serious gardeners out there and I look forward to seeing your gardens in the near future. Here’s a few photos from the day! Don

Last minute preparations- removing bind weed from hollyhock!

Otto & Ruby waiting to greet the many gardeners!

It was a hot humid day & there were some great hats!

People meandering through the garden

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4 Responses to WK Garden Tour

  1. RENA COREY says:

    I was on the tour and yours was the one stop on which I saw plants of which I had little or no knowledge.Your information was enlightening and I am now in ordering mode!
    Thank you so much.

    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Rena,
      If you need any help finding plants I have lots of resources . I pretty much know most of the nurseries on Long Island and here in our area of the Catskills- plus mail order for those rare plants.
      Best, Don

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Don,
    Sorry we missed the tour this year, but hope to make it out soon! The place sure looks great. Regarding the first photo, how bothered do you get by bindweed? It’s becoming more noticeable in the wilder parts of our place and I’m managing to keep it at bay, but I assume full eradication will be impossible. I’ve read horror stories about the stuff but don’t want to get carried away obsessing on it. I’ve come across various organic forums where folks admit to just throwing up their hands and using roundup. What sort of control strategies do you recommend?


    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Michael,
      I am very bothered when it’s in a perennial border or shrub border. I have places in the wild where it smothers everything and the morning glory blooms look wonderful. Several years ago, I had a delivery of about 5 yards of double shredded mulch, and in that pile was bind weed. I spread it everywhere unknowingly. It’s very difficult to eradicate. A few summers ago, when I was still using round up ( I don’t anymore) I was painting it on each leaf, but it did not work. I am constantly removing it from my borders and if you break off one piece, its starts again. I would love to hear from anyone if they have a good solution. Sorry this one stumps me!
      Best, Don

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