A Fan of the Blues- blue flowering perrenials

I have been  preparing for the West Kortwright Garden tour which is tomorrow, Sunday, and have been busy weeding, mowing, and hand watering; not much time for blogging!  We finally got the hot weather and though I rarely ever water my perennial borders, ( a lot of rain and clay soil) I do put the sprinkler on the vegetable garden at this time of year. Some of the lawn has turned a sickly green/brown and so I have tried to save a few of those browning areas.

I can’t have enough of the color blue in my garden- especially with this heat!. Here are just a few of the blue flowering perennials I have in my garden. For a more in depth article please read –A Fan of the Blues. Let me know what blue flowering perennials you have in your garden. I am always looking for more. Stay Cool!

Aconitum Stainless Steel with Ninebark diabola shrub

Amsonia Blue Ice

Campanula Punctata Sarastro


Common sage

Geranium Brookside

Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans- One of the better  blue leaf hosta!

Geranium Johnson’s Blue


Variegated Iris

Lupine and Geranium Johnson Blue

Wisteria Japonica

Salvia S. Caradona

Veronica longifolia -speedwell

Nepeta -Six Hills Giant

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6 Responses to A Fan of the Blues- blue flowering perrenials

  1. Deb says:

    I also love blues. How beautiful! Good luck with the tour tomorrow.

  2. Don Statham says:

    Wish you could be here!

  3. Blue velvet says:

    You need a mandragora autumnialis, I think…

  4. Jeanne Hersh says:

    Just received Logee’s Blue Rosemary from the greenhouse – I’m another blue flower fan

    • Don Statham says:

      Jeanne Welcome to Rooting For Ideas. I will have to check that rosemary out. I am looking for late flowering blue flowers- August September . It seems most are in the early perennial flowering group- June July.

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