Willow Book Recommendations

I am still thinking about willows. This spring I plan to make dried willow plant supports on which I will grow sweet peas, string beans, broad beans and possibly peas.

There are two books that I recommend on willow structures. The first is in German named Das Weidenbaubuch by Marcel Kalberer & Micky Remann. This book shows the giant, and I mean giant, willow structures. It is very inspiring to see just how large of a structure you can build. The designs are magical and unlike anything I have ever seen.

Das Weidenbaubuch by Marcel Kalberer & Micky Remann in German

large willow structure from Das Weidenbaubuch book

The second book: Living Willow Sculpture by Jon Warnes who lives in Suffolk, England where he teaches willow making. This is a slim book full of projects that shows clearly how to make willow furniture and small willow structures including domes, fences, tunnels, arbors, and bowers. Its very hands on and practical-this book will give you the confidence to start a small project and build from there.

Living Willow Sculpture by Jon Warnes

If you’re interested in the subject of willows, a good reference book is Willows –The Genus Salix by Christopher Newsholme. If any of you have any other books you would like to recommend on the genus salix please let me know.

Willows- The Genus Salix

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5 Responses to Willow Book Recommendations

  1. Lillian de Mauro says:

    Hi Don,
    So nice to open your blog and find willow’s — and all the reference material to help know more about them — the photos alone hasten spring to the wintry day outside — thank you, Lillian

  2. Lillian de Mauro says:

    PS where are you getting dried willow for supports?

  3. Corin Basilion says:

    I used dried curly willow in spring containers last year and they sprouted. Lovely to look at initially but had to wrestle them to the ground to get them from the pots come summer. I don’t trust any willow to not throw roots. Willows are beautiful but I much prefer to view them from a distance.

    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Corin,
      Welcome to Rooting For Ideas and thank you for your comments. It’s true what you say about willows and they are not a good solution for many areas including roof top gardens, near septic systems, probably near foundations of houses. I have planted the majority of mine a good distnace from the house.

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