This week in the Garden

It’s always a little overwhelming trying to stay on top of the garden this time of year. After a good bit of rain, followed by yet another frost, we seem to have hit summer with temperatures reaching into the high 80’s. In response, everything has bolted a good two feet. The trees have leafed out and I have the sense that everything is coming closer- in a cozy summer kind of way.  The most exciting thing that happened in my garden isn’t anything I planned.   A beautiful moss that grows on top of the foundation of a torn down dairy barn burst into the most glorious orange florescent flowers all along the top of the wall. It has been here all along, but I think the reason I noticed it this year is because I had mown the pattern meadow above and below the wall. I could not have planned anything more wonderful than this. If any of you know what this moss is called please let me know.

Flowering moss

detail of moss

flowering moss above the pattern meadow

The Daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ came into flower and the whole area near my front door is cloaked in the most heavenly scent. I had this same plant before and lost it during a hard winter, but I decided to try again and planted it in a sheltered spot near a stone wall.  I’m glad I gave ‘Carol Mackie’ another shot!

Daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ in bloom, alchemilla mollis & hosta

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