Patterned Meadows

Last year I began turning large areas of what had been mowed lawn into architectural patterned meadow. Let me explain.

My new approach to mowing is to stop mowing as much as possible.  To this end I planted a small orchard of six plum trees last spring and mowed a path between the short avenue to a bench and crabapple tree that became a natural focal point. In the two columns either side of the central path, a profusion of meadow plants began to show up including, daisies, butter & eggs, vetch, clover, buttercups and other flowering perennials.  Last autumn, I mowed the high grass right down and planted 3000 scilla-wood squil and muscari-grape hyacinth bulbs.  This spring the display of blue flowers has been wonderful and lasted over 5 weeks. The area will be unmowed all spring and summer and this fall I will mow it down again so that next spring I will be able to see bulb display in the low grass.

Last year plum orchard planted- first year letting grass grow.

Planted 3000 scilla & muscari-in raised grass areas.

This spring I have turned over another large area of the mowed lawn and made paths that make a 6ft wide grid around 6X 13.5’feet square unmown squares. I have named this new area Versailles  for its formal appearance and grandeur!  Already the juxtaposition of high and low grass has added an interesting texture to the garden and of course the secondary bonus is that my mowing time is cut tremendously, no pun intended, as is my gas bill. I will post photos again once the wildflowers begin to bloom.

Versailles- 6ft paths x 13.5 squares of meadow flowering plants.

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8 Responses to Patterned Meadows

  1. Deborah Banks says:

    Versailles indeed! Nice.

    • Don Statham says:

      Thanks Deborah- I have just expanded Versailles to include much more of an area. I am determined to get my mowing under control! I will show you the area on Friday!

  2. Salix says:

    Looks fabulous

  3. Corin Basilion says:


  4. J’adore Versailles!! Even the dogs seem more French in such an elegant setting>

  5. Deirdre says:

    How do you mow the lawn down? My mower certainly won’t handle grass after a years growth.

    • Don Statham says:

      The growth is just for 4-5 months.I have a riding lawnmower tractor and set it on the highest level and then bring it down slowly after a few runs. If the grass starts to brown which it did last year in a drought I will mow it a little earlier. In a normal year I start taking it down mid- August so it greens up in the fall.

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