Garden Talk

June border- Don Statham Totem Farm Garden

June border- Don Statham Totem Farm Garden

The Franklin Garden Club invites you to attend the garden talk by Don Statham, Totem Farm Garden:

‘Designing a Garden with Rooms’

Saturday June 1st from 7 to 9 pm: followed by light refreshments. Join us at St.Paul’s Episcopal Church in Franklin, New York.


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5 Responses to Garden Talk

  1. kackie dunwoody says:

    I am the Programs Co-Chair for a garden club in Houston and was wondering if you make speaking engagements out of town. I have been following your blog for a few years. It is so inspirational and educational. Thank you.

    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Mrs. Dunwoody,

      I love talking about all things garden and would love to speak in Houston. You could email me directly at to discuss further details.
      I am originally from Oklahoma and would enjoy making a trip back to the southwest.
      Best, Don Statham

  2. Deborah Banks says:

    I can’t wait! See you there.

  3. Mel Bellar says:

    The talk was really wonderful. I love a talk that is both educational and tells a story and with such nice subject matter and images! Peggy, my wife, is a big-leaf lover as well and said in the car on the way home that you should have some Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) in your big-leaf garden. I think it is an excellent idea as well. See you on the 5th.

    • Don Statham says:

      Thanks Mel. It was nice to see you & Peggy in the audience. Funny enough I finally made it over to Altamont, NY.yesterday to the wonderful nursery ‘Helderledge Farm’- where they have an amazing shade garden in which to view lots of large leaf shade plants. Needless to say I left with a full trunk. I will check out the Cup Plant. Best, Don

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