What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week makes! The spring perennials are opening and many more buds about to pop. Here are few of the magical things happening in the garden this week thanks to David J. Turan’s photography. The Eremurus Himalaicus , and Alliums have rocketed up above the garden canopy stealing the show.

Allium white giant,

Allium -white giant

Eremuras and ice house

Eremuras and ice house

Eremuras  Himalaicus

Eremuras Himalaicus

After a week of rain quieter things are happening too. The foliage of the spring greens is beautiful this time of year with the yews pushing out new growth, the fringe tree glowing through willow Britzensis, though still young, it offers an amazing display of its tiny fringe- like flowers.  The hedge of Scotch rose behind the apple orchard has come into bloom and will do so again in the late summer early fall.  This lush landscape is dependent on plenty of rain so I am enjoying a soggy beginning to summer.

The quiet of spring greens:  yew, rhamnus, weeping wilow, climbing hydrangea

The quiet of spring greens:
yew, rhamnus, weeping wilow, climbing hydrangea

Young fringe tree seen through willows

Young fringe tree seen through willows

Scotch rose & chicken coop

Scotch rose & chicken coop

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4 Responses to What a difference a week makes!

  1. Pam Tausta says:

    This looks beautiful. Glad you recovered so well. Pam Tausta

    • Don Statham says:

      Thanks Pam, I have to say this wet spring has been so good for new growth. The garden is about to explode with the early spring perennial blooms.

      Best, Don

  2. Brian in Roxbury says:

    Hi Don

    Your garden pictures are beautiful as usual. I’m jealous of those eremerus!. I tried them twice and nothing emerged. The fringe tree looks great. We went on a Garden Conservancy tour in Columbia County on June 1, and one of the gardens had two large fringe trees in bloom. The scent was amazing. The owner said the American fringe tree had the better scent. I didn’t know that fringe trees came in Chinese too.
    In one of your other posts I saw a mention of Helderedge Nursery/Garden. I had never heard of it, and it looks great. Thanks for the tip. I may make a trip this weekend.


    • Don Statham says:

      Hi Ryan,
      You might not be planting the eremuras in well drained soil and deep enough. Mine are on a slope in very good soil. I have had a few that came up, but didn’t flower. Brent & Becky are a good source for these bulbs. I love Helderedge Farm Nursery. They have beautiful display gardens of shade plants. Many of you know I prefer mom & pop nurseries over the ‘big box stores.’ There is always real passion in the plants they chose when its a small family run nursery. In fact I am going back there this week and will do a post on them. Thanks- Don

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